The cruel and unfair attacks on Cheryl are full of deception and distortion. The opponent, Kyden Creekpaum and his dark-money supporters, have repeatedly called Cheryl a liar, but has never said what she is lying about. It’s because she hasn’t. Rise above this political fray. Vote for Cheryl Baber on August 25th

Truth:  Assistant U.S. Attorneys – career prosecutors - work for whomever the President is at the time.  Cheryl was never hired by Obama.  When she was a federal law clerk, George W. Bush was President!                           

Lie:  Former Obama Lawyer

Truth:  Cheryl answered the Oklahomans for Life survey indicating that she would vote for a law that would prohibit abortion except when necessary to prevent the death of the mother, or when the pregnancy is the result of forcible rape or incest committed against a minor.  She also said she would not support state funding of $1 million per year for a Public Guardianship Program. She thinks it is a good idea, but could be privately funded, especially when our state government has such a large budget deficit!   

Lie:  Cheryl is not pro-life and received a “failing”  grade from Oklahomans for Life.

Truth: Cheryl favors a law setting term limits for Supreme Court Justices instead of a discriminatory law enacting a mandatory retirement age.  This would bring more conservative judges to the bench, not fewer.

Lie:  Cheryl will leave Oklahoma under the rule of Pro-Abortion Judges.

Truth: Cheryl was asked by Gov. Stitt to be a regent at a Eastern Oklahoma State College. Rural legislators in SE Oklahoma, including many who were Republican, wanted the sitting regent to remain. None of the other candidates for dozens of education positions were questioned as extensively in the same hearing, where she told them she planned to run for this seat and had not sought the office of regent.  She has even been endorsed in this race by one of those who voted against her.

Lie: Cheryl was desperate to improve her resume, was completely unprepared, deemed incompetent, and folded under questioning from Democrats.

Truth: Cheryl has loaned herself 75 % of her campaign cash.  Only one donor, to her knowledge, was also a federal prosecutor during the Obama presidency.

Lie: Received 75% of her campaign cash from those who worked for the Obama Administration.

Truth: Cheryl ran for a state house seat in 2018.  She won the Republican primary election over four other contenders and won runoff.  She was defeated by a former tv newsperson by 56% of the vote in a district everyone knew was trending, if not already, Democrat after the previous officeholder fought a court battle over the ballots cast by Democratic voters in a special election. 

Lie:  Cheryl lost miserably to a Democrat in 2018 for a “safe” Republican seat.

Cheryl Baber for State Senate 35

Cheryl Baber is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and law clerk, who spent most of her career defending the Constitution. Cheryl is running for Oklahoma State Senate District 35 to be a clear-minded problem solver. 


Phone: 918-951-9300

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